Deadly Rx

Book 2 of the Rx Series

Every pharmacist dreads the thought of making a fatal prescription mistake. Now pharmacy manager Ruthie Kantor Morris is accused of giving the wrong pills to sixteen-year-old Amy Brookman–pills that caused the girl’s death. Convinced she didn’t make the error, Ruthie must discover what really happened to Amy and why in order to restore her professional reputation. Ruthie suddenly finds herself in danger of losing her own life as she uncovers myriad Brookman family secrets while trying to prove that she didn’t fill a deadly prescription.

Other suspects include the members of a group that wants to exploit Amy’s death, using it as a scare tactic to prevent teenage pregnancies. Is their leader fanatical enough to commit murder to prove her point? And what about Amy’s teenage boyfriend? Was he responsible for her death or is he terrified for another reason?

Despite initial doubts, Michael, Ruthie’s one-time sweetheart, plays a major role in trying to clear her of suspicion. Ruthie’s waitress friend Denise also tries to help, nearly leading to disaster. Only Ruthie’s pharmaceutical knowledge can save her and reveal the identity of Amy’s killer, but what will happen when the murderer realizes how much Ruthie knows?

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